Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Who Doesn't Love a Little Honesty?


Truth be told, I haven't written about a single book on this blog since December 4th. That's just over a month, and while I could blame it on the Holidays, the fact is I grew a little weary. I've certainly been reading over the past month, don't mistake me. But writing about it has proven a bit of a struggle. I'm not sure if I was pressuring myself too much to write great, earth-shattering content or if I was trying to hit that magic "publish" button so often I grew burnt out. Hopefully over the next few months I'll find a good rhythm to fit both my schedule and my reading habits.

So in the interest of honesty and fresh starts (aren't those the rage this time of year?), I'm going to re-dedicate myself to this here blog. Work has been rather stressful lately and I find myself growing unsatisfied. My hope is that by re-committing myself to writing and reading with more intention my attitude about work will perk up and all will be well.

And after all of that, here are some goals for the new year of reading:

1. Finish Anna Karenina. Seriously, self, get on that already. 
2. Read Treasure Island, if only so my husband will get off his high horse about it.
3.  Re-read The Chronicles of Narnia. While channel surfing this weekend I noticed one of the movies on t.v. and realized it's been ages since I read these classics. 
4. Try to use the library more. Maybe getting my Kindle set up for e-borrowing will help.
5. Branch out. Try to read things I wouldn't normally pick, like non-fiction or science fiction. 
6. Read more, learn more. 

*while I am aware that six goals seems like a silly number, who cares? They're just goals. I don't believe in trying to add more just to hit ten or subtracting one to get a "nice neat five."


  1. Six is a great number! It's divisible by 2 AND 3, and it's also half a dozen!

  2. Good point! And a half dozen of anything has to be good, right? A half dozen bagels, a half dozen donuts, a half dozen roses, a half dozen muffins . . .