Monday, August 26, 2013

Anna & Me: A Beginning

I recently found a list on Entertainment Weekly with the 10 All-Time Greatest Books. Surprisingly to me,  Anna Karenina was listed in the top slot. I love classics - a love which, to be honest, started because old books are cheap! 

In high school I found myself buying new books at Borders every week. Well, that habit ended very quickly when I realized classic books cost next to nothing. I bought my copy of Pride and Prejudice for only $4! These days many classic books are available for free on the Kindle (just another benefit to owning one, a post about traditional paperback versus e-books is upcoming!). 

Some classic novels are pretty heavy, and I anticipate some stops and starts along the way. The novel follows the marriage of a Russian socialite, Anna, and her extra-marital affairs. I don't know much about the story beyond that, but that's okay! Sometimes when I go in to a book with preconceived ideas it fails to impress me (see my recent post about this problem here). 

There have been several film versions over the years, and while I appreciate a good adaptation as much as the next person (I mean come on, I love movies), I can't help but wonder if a novel of such length could be properly translated to the screen. Once I finish the novel I plan to get my hands on some of the movies. 

So here goes nothing. I'm going to start reading Tolstoy's masterpiece. There are eight parts to the novel, so I'll be checking in about my journey with Anna every time I finish a section. 

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