Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Daily Pop-Culture Haunts

Every morning, after I start "working" for the day, I check several pop-culture/entertainment news websites. Though some might say tv-watching and celebrity gossip is vapid and pointless, I love it - and that does not make me stupid. Just ask Mindy Kaling.

People: Mostly just full of pictures, short news breaks, and headlines. For real writing from People, I'd have to buy the print magazine - and that's just not a habit I can afford to start (one day! One day, I will subscribe to every magazine known to man. Until then I'll continue my habit of only buying it when The Bachelor/ette is on the cover). My favorite feature on People is "Last Night's Look: Love it or Leave it?" It's like a daily does of the Fashion Police without the nastiness - though Joan is almost always right.

Entertainment Weekly: This is by far my favorite. It's chock-full of entertainment news and focuses more heavily on actual news. By that I mean casting information, spoilers, previews, and interviews with cast and producers, ratings analysis, book and movie reviews, and other tidbits. There are some photos, but only from publicity events - no paparazzi photos, which is kind of nice. The only downfall to this site is the commentary - so many people read the articles and blogs posts and start arguing with complete strangers about the merits of Lindsay Lohan's rehab stint. This can be fun, don't get me wrong, but dang some people get really worked up!

E!Online: This is a good mash-up of People and EW. There are tons of photos, both at events and by the paparazzi. The articles are beefier than People but not as substantial as EW. This site is also full of Kardashian news since their show airs on the E! network - so if you don't like them, don't go on this site. I unabashedly love the K family, especially Khloe, so if you don't like them you probably shouldn't read my blog! (SIDEBAR:  if you don't like something, don't read the article and then bitch about it. I think Kristen Stewart is a terrible actress, but you don't see me reading stuff about her post-Twilight career and then tearing her apart in the comments).

NYMag/Vulture: Definitely the highest quality, but lower quantity. Very little gossip, almost none. The bloggers who re-cap tv shows are hilarious on this site. There are also some really great interviews with actors and producers. I started reading this site back when I watched Gossip Girl and missed a few episodes. The re-cappers dubbed it "the greatest show of our time" and their commentary about Serena, Blair, and the other upper-east siders made watching the show that much better. Part of what makes tv watching for me - much like reading - is the discussion it brings, even if that discussion centers around someone's outfit. 

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